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8 Summer Activities for Teachers

Posted by Faith Mackey on Aug 1, 2022 4:42:19 PM
Faith Mackey

How to make the last weeks of summer worth it, you ask? We know you are still recovering from the seemingly never-ending covid-style school days, but this year will be a taste of normal! Here is a list of our top 8 activities to promote relaxation and fun while the sun shines. 

8 Summer Activities for Teachers

  1. Read
    • Take yourself on a book store date. Start by hitting your favorite coffee shop and then meander your local book store's isles until you find a new great book or two! 
    • Here is a great back-to-school book that we recommend ­čśë
      • The Social Emotional Classroom by Anna-Lisa Mackey and Melissa Ragan (available  on Amazon)
  2. Take up a new hobby
    • A great way to de-stress and unwind is by finding a new outlet to let your creative juices flow. 
    • Hobbies to try: crochet, cooking, baking, painting, video games, singing, gardening
  3. Move your body daily
    • Start your movement practice to help fast-track your routine for the school year. We recommend moving your body in some way for 30 min a day at least! 
    • Our favorite ways to move are yoga, walking, swimming, and pilates.
  4. Socialize 
    • It is summer! Take advantage of the free time to see your friends and family before the school craziness takes hold of you
    • Invite your friends and family over for a BBQ, beach day, bike ride, etc. Spend time doing you! 
  5. Teacher Meme 13Get involved in your community
    • Join a local community Facebook group to see what events are in your area! This can be a great way to get more involved and appreciate where you live.
  6. Start a blog
    • What better way to express your creativity and knowledge than with a blog? This could include diary entries, recipes, teacher hacks, or whatever you choose.
  7. Explore your city
    • Plan a day to see the sights! Check out your town's local museums, libraries, shops, and restaurants. Who knows? You may even find a new favorite spot.
  8. Plan a trip
    • A great way to add more relaxation to your life is to plan for it. This could include planning an inexpensive day trip, a stay-cation for a long weekend during the school year, or a destination trip for spring break!

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