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A Message from our CEO: SEL Resources, Volume 1: Feelings Journal

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on Mar 16, 2020 5:18:45 PM

We know that many of you are dealing with issues like school closure, online learning, scared or afraid students, and worried parents as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We're here to help.

The PATHS® Program has resources to help support you as you engage in remote learning with your students. In addition to our online Support Materials, we will be sending an additional free SEL lesson/activity every Friday, via email, to help continue your students' social and emotional learning during this time of uncertainty.

Here are some ways to get started:

  1. Review Emotions Lessons
    You may want to review the following PATHS® Program lessons and resources with your students:
    - PK/K: Lessons 11 (Scared or Afraid), 35 (Worried)
    - Grade 1: Lessons 17 (Scared or Afraid, Safe), 20 (Calm/Relaxed, Worried)
    - Grade 2: Lessons 13 (Scared or Afraid, Safe), 16 (Calm/Relaxed, Worried)
    - Grade 3: Lesson 12 (Calm/Relaxed, Tense)
    - Grade 4: Lesson 9 (Calm/Relaxed, Tense)
    - Grade 5/6: Lessons 4 (Ways to Calm Down), 5 (Calm/Relaxed, Tense), and 6 (Ways to Cope With Stress).
  2. Support Materials
    Each grade-level curriculum module comes with online access to  supplemental extension activities and home activities. You can access those materials here using the login and password provided in the Teacher's Guide. Contact us if you need the login information.
  3. Use Social Media
    Connect with other educators in our Facebook Educators Community to share lesson ideas or to ask and get answers to questions you might have. Also, check out this blog as well as our Pinterest page for other PATHS® program ideas, such as the Showing Gratitude Journal
  4. New Activity: My Feelings Journal
    Give each student a copy of the My Feelings Journal and have them record how they're feeling each day while they are learning at home. By keeping a record of their emotions, it may help students better understand and process how they feel.
  5. Have a Question?
    If you have a questions about using the PATHS® Program, you can email us here or call us at 877-71-PATHS (72847) and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to supporting your students' social and emotional development during these difficult times.


Anna-Lisa Mackey


Topics: Social and emotional learning, SEL Resources

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