Creating Effective Study Habits

Posted by Faith Mackey on Feb 14, 2022 3:32:47 PM
Faith Mackey

We all know how to be good students but sometimes we fall behind when the second semester burnout hits. Finish your semester strong with these eight great study habit building tips! 

Why is it important to have good study habits?

Good study habits keep us consistent and motivated to review and take in new material. When we study regularly in a way that works best for us, it begins to feel less of a chore and just something we do regularly. Good study habits also help with goal setting and better retention of course material. 

Effective Study Habit Tips 

  1. Don’t wait till the last minute
  2. Study nook
    • If possible, find a place that supports your study needs! Such as a place that is quiet, a large study area, a good temperature, or even a favorite place in your local library.
  3. Make a schedule
    • Keep a plan for what and how long you are going to study. This can be very helpful when you are studying more than one subject to help budget your time.
  4. Make a study guide
    • A personalized study guide can be a great way to help understand the information in a way that is organized to your understanding 
  5. Get support
    • Reach out to your teachers for help when you are struggling with understanding a topic, make sure to do this well in advance before your next test.
  6. Take breaks 
    • Sometimes it can be hard to focus for hours on end. Have set break times and stick to them to give yourself some downtime to process the information.
  7. Study group
    • Study groups when done right can be a great way to bounce information off of one another. If you know more about one topic and your friend knows more about another, it can be great to help each other out and swap information!
  8. Make time to study
    • Carve out a set time dedicated to studying. Instead of saying to yourself “Oh, I’ll start studying this afternoon-ish,” Say: “Today I am going to review my American History notes on chapters 1-4 from 1:30-3:30”. When we set time blocks for ourselves it can be easier to start a task. 

We hope that these study habits help you to finish off the rest of the school year strong! 

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