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Printable: SEL Skills Card Game

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on Mar 2, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Here is a fun quarantine boredom buster.

This is an interactive card game that tests all five of the social and emotional capacities through scenarios, role-playing activities, true or false questions, and more!

This game is intended for grades 3-5 but can be played with younger kiddos with the help of an adult. (Click the image below to download all 32 cards.)

Activity Overview:

What are the 5 CASEL Capacities?

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Social Awareness
  3. Self Management
  4. Relationship Management
  5. Responsible Decision-Making

Purpose: The children will answer questions and work together to learn more about different areas of the five social and emotional capacities.

Social Emotional Learning Outcomes: Emotion vocabulary, Self-esteem, Feelings identification, Managing frustration and disappointment, Dealing with mistakes, the golden rule, being responsible, Dealing with group/peer pressure, Repairing a friendship, Saying “no”, Asking permission, Bullying/bystander, Gossip, Making good choices, Following rules, Avoiding trouble, and Problem Identification

Entry Activity:

With your kids or class, go over what the 5 social and emotional capacities are so that your children (or students!) have a brief understanding of what they are.

  1. Self Awareness: The ability to understand your own emotions, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses. Having confidence in one’s self.
  2. Self Management: The ability to manage your emotions effectively, act with integrity, knowing how and when to calm down, being optimistic, and setting goals for one’s self and trying to achieve them.
  3. Social Awareness: The ability to understand how someone else is feeling and saying. Understanding why people act the way they do when they feel an emotion. Being empathetic and having perspective- putting yourself is someone else’s shoes, is also important for having a strong sense of social awareness.
  4. Relationship Management: Being able to act in a way that gets you what you want while still being respectful of others, being able to manage conflict, knowing when to be a leader and when to be a team player.
  5. Responsible Decision-Making: The ability to understand a problem and propose solutions, being able to choose the best decision for the situation, and act responsibly and ethically.

Learning extension tip: While explaining the 5 capacities, ask your kids (or students) for personal examples on some of the skills.

Example: When reading about relationship management, the teacher could ask a student for an example of when they were faced with a conflict and what they did to resolve it.


One at a time, have each child will have a turn and will pick the top card off the deck. They will then read the card allowed and follow the card’s instructions. Note: Some cards will ask for two children (if you are only have one child then volunteer yourself to act out the scene with them) to participate in a scenario.

Demonstration of Learning:

After the card’s task has been completed, the teacher will ask the whole class which capacity the card would fit into. Each card’s instructions are color-coded to match a different capacity so the teacher will be able to check their answers.

Allow the students to talk among one another and work together to decide which capacity the card fits into. Ask the students questions such as why they think the card goes in that capacity. Remind them to think back to the class discussion about the different capacities and what skills go into each one.

  • Self Awareness: Blue
  • Self Management: Red
  • Social Awareness: Orange
  • Relationship Management: Yellow
  • Responsible Decision-Making: Green

Click below to download:




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