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Printable: September Mood Tracker

Posted by Faith Mackey on Aug 31, 2021 5:58:41 PM
Faith Mackey


Mood trackers are an interactive activity that helps students (and you!) track emotions throughout September. 

Why Track Your Moods?

Mood tracking can help identify highs and lows, stressors, and triggers throughout the month. They can help provide perspective for students when they are experiencing a tough time. Tracking your moods consistently can identify patterns in mood swings, low energy, stress, and diet/exercise that impact your body budget and mental health.

How to track your moods

There are several different ways to track your moods. These include journaling, visual trackers like mandalas, mobile apps, and mood charts. Here we provide a mood chart for you to track your emotions all month long. 

Before you start this month: Review Your august Mood Tracker Results

If you filled out your August mood tracker now would be a good time to look back on the month of August and how you were feeling. Were there any trends in your emotions? Take some time to reflect and evaluate what you could do this month to foster more positive emotions and decrease the ones that bring you down. Did you get enough sleep? Were you eating healthy and getting enough exercise? Search our blog or visit our Facebook Page for some fun activities and links to decrease stress and have fun this month! 

INSTRUCTIONS for September

Every evening color in the apple with the number corresponding to the date with the color of emotion you are feeling. Emotions correspond to the following emotions:

  • Yellow = Happy
  • Red = Angry
  • Pink = Hopeful
  • Purple = Scared
  • Orange = Nervous
  • Green = Excited
  • Blue = Sad
  • Brown = Surprised

Did you have a combination of several emotions in one day? That's normal! Either color in part of the apple with each emotion, or pick a dominant emotion and use that color. This is your mood tracker so use it however it makes sense to you. 

emozi-monthly-mood-tracker-septemberFeel free to share, download, and print this activity. Feel free to share with a friend and your students.

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