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Printable: What's on my Plate? Holiday Stress Buster

Posted by Faith Mackey on Dec 17, 2020 2:07:09 PM
Faith Mackey

With the stress of the holiday season combined with the added stress of the pandemic, we are all feeling a little overworked and run down. This time can be especially difficult on our children if they tend to add extra stressors in their life to keep busy. When we are constantly adding extra tasks to our "To-do" lists, they can become impossible to complete which can cause burnout.

This activity can be beneficial for you or your child/student. You may want to even have each member of your family (or class!) fill out this sheet to help stay on task and course correct what tasks really need to be focused on.

Why is this important? 

When we overwork and overbook ourselves, we don't usually don't get any of our tasks done, don't do them well, or only get a few things completed and feel bad that we didn't do more.

Many of us, when faced with multiple tasks, don't know which one to start first. This is especially true for children and tweens who have yet to develop time management skills. This can lead to procrastination and decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue, commonly faced by those with ADHD, is often mistakenly viewed as laziness by choosing not to start any task.

But it is actually the decision to not start a task when faced with multiple tasks and feeling anxiety around which task to start first. 

Click the image below to download and print this worksheet! 


  1. First fill out the biggest plate with all of the things you have to do (chores, tasks, expectations, etc.) in one color.
  2. Go through that big list and categorize each thing into the other following categories using 3 other colors for the other smaller plates. 
  3. Finally, this exercise will allow you to see what is REALLY on your plate and what is not. 



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