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Introducing Social Emotional Us

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on Aug 9, 2021 7:08:09 PM

Social Emotional Us: A suite of resources for social emotional educators and supporters!

social-emotional-us-promo-collageA Podcast, Newsletter, Blog, and More!

This fall we're launching a suite of SEL resources called Social Emotional Us. The first resource is a new podcast, Social Emotional Us, hosted by Anna-Lisa Mackey, M.Ed., publisher of the PATHS® curriculum and author of the Emozi® program.

The Social Emotional Us podcast focuses on the role that social emotional learning plays in the positive development of students, families, and communities.

Anna-Lisa brings teachers, educational, and thought leaders together to share SEL tips, lessons learned, parent/caregiver perspectives, classroom management ideas, and the successes and challenges of teaching SEL in the modern classroom.

This podcast is essential listening for educators, parents, and anyone interested in improving the lives of children through social emotional learning. The first season focuses on overcoming the effects of social isolation and distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic before going back to the classroom.

season 1 Episode Guide

  • S1 E1 Overcoming "Quarantimes" Side Effects and Affect

  • S1 E2 Dealing with Strong Emotions

  • S1 E3 Cultivating Gratitude

  • S1 E4 Making Friends Post-Distance Learning

  • S1 E5 Teaching Tolerance and Creating an Inclusive Classroom

  • S1 E6 Perspective and Understanding Other Points of View

  • S1 E7 Transitions (to the classroom, to another grade, or another school)

  • S1 E8 Goal Setting

Newsletter and Blog Name Change

Along with the podcast, PATHS Program LLC is changing the name of the newsletter and blog to align with the SEL resources under Social Emotional Us. We will provide the same informing and helpful content, monthly newsletters, and more SEL resources under the Social Emotional Us umbrella. As we expand, we'll offer additional resources on our social channels and communications. social-emotional-us-blog-header

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