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PATHS Program Gold Star Schools

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on Jan 3, 2020 10:26:50 AM

The PATHS® program is the gold-standard in social and emotional learning curriculum. Schools that use the PATHS program are using the highest quality, most thoroughly research-based best practices in social and emotional learning for their staff and students. We want to recognize those schools for their dedication to the social and emotional well being of their students by awarding them with a Gold Star School designation. New this year, the Gold Star School designation will be the highest honor for schools that are using the PATHS program. 

What makes a PATHS® Program Gold Star School?

A Gold Star School is one that:

  • Has been using the PATHS program for at least one year.
  • Implemented the PATHS program school-wide.
  • Utilizes the PATHS program curriculum in a systematic way, with explicit lessons delivered 2-3 times per week for at least 30 minutes per session in each class.
  • Formally trained at least 90% of their educators on using the PATHS program and offers continued professional development on social and emotional learning.
  • Assesses the social and emotional learning of their students (either using the Evaluation Kit that comes with the PATHS program or another data-driven resource) on a regularly basis (2-3 times per year) and routinely monitors the progress of their students’ social and emotional learning growth. 
  • Involves and educates parents on social and emotional learning by distributing PATHS program resources, including coloring books, family letters, clings, etc.  
  • Engages with the community on social and emotional learning projects. 
  • Integrates the PATHS Kid for Today routine in their classrooms EVERY DAY.
  • Has PATHS program classroom kit materials (including posters, books, etc.) accessible and available for students to view and refer to as needed. 
  • Routinely evaluates the progress of their teachers by having administrators complete the PATHS Program classroom evaluation at least twice per year. 

What do I get for being a Gold Star School?

Recognition for being a school that prioritizes social and emotional learning for their students and educators, a profile on our website, newsletter, and in other social media. Gold Star Schools will also get a banner that can be proudly displayed at the school, and one lucky school will get a visit from Twiggle the Turtle for students!

How do I apply to be a Gold Star School?

Complete the application by March 31, 2020 and submit the application along with your evidence and artifacts to Info@PATHSProgram.com. Recipients will be notified by June 1st and awards will be given based upon a mutually agreeable date and time.

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