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SEL Implementation: Creating a Shared Vision and Planning for Success

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on Apr 5, 2021 6:00:00 AM

One question we frequently answer from principals and district leaders is: "how do I gain teacher and parent buy-in for a SEL program?". Much like other school initiatives, the road to a productive implementation and positive outcomes starts with developing a shared vision and planning for success. 

We’ve created a list of ideas we recommend for planning a successful implementation in your school. 

Before implementing A SEL program

  • Beautiful scene of children jumping in natureGather your staff to create a shared visionfor the academic year. Most likely it will include improving attendance, overcoming learning loss, addressing behavioral changes in students, and minimizing teacher burnout. 
  • Make a list of the behavioral and emotional challenges your students and teachers will face when going back to in-person learning, or currently face in the classroom today.
  • Establish a baseline of what teachers and parents know or don't know about SEL. This can guide you through conversations around training and identify the desired positive development outcomes. 
  • Involve parents associations or committees. Talk with them about their goals for their students' social and emotional development. 

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Creative team putting their hands together in circleOnce you are ready to implement

  • Schedule an all school assembly to kick off the program, explain the goals, and showcase the materials.
  • Sign up and attend training for administrators and teachers. The PATHS Program Training™ is online and self-paced to make it convenient for educators to fit it into their busy schedules.
  • Conduct a pre-assessment of students' SEL competencies. The PATHS® and Emozi™ program classroom implementation packages include assessments to help with this.
  • Work with teachers to create an annual calendar of how the content can align with the academic topics and school events.
  • Elicit teachers' input on how best to recognize and reward classrooms for consistently and completely teaching the SEL lessons. 
  • Sign up and access online support materials provided by the PATHS Program, which includes 18 months of free access to the premium subscription site that houses online manuals and additional support materials.
  • Send out SEL updates in your regular monthly newsletters to parents and the community. 
  • Broadcast SEL successes in your daily or weekly announcements, include SEL stories on your social media accounts. 
  • Schedule time to hold monthly check-ins with teachers to understand how they are doing and address any questions or areas of concern. 
  • Celebrate wins—large and small. Social emotional development is a process that provides surprising opportunities to make students and teachers shine. 

The PATHS® and Emozi™ programs include training and building awareness guides designed to help school leaders create a culture around SEL, build buy-in, and plan for the entire academic year.

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