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SEL Resources, Volume 14: Goal Setting and Problem Solving

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on Jun 12, 2020 5:00:00 AM
Here are this week's resources for teaching SEL while remote learning. We have just one more lesson coming up after this one! Please take a moment to complete our survey to provide feedback on the resources you've used and let us know how we can help going forward!

PATHS® Program  

This week's resources focus on goal setting and problem solving. Have students review the biography of William Kamkwamba and then use the following resources to extend learning by having students come up with ideas to identify and solve problems:

If you're a current PATHS Program customer, there are also book lists, extension activities, and family materials about problem solving available in English and in Spanish in the online Support Materials.
- To see previous PATHS Program SEL resources for PK-5, click here. 

➡️Next week, we'll have resources for having a PATHS Party! 

Emozi™ for Middle School Students

For students in grades 6-8, click on the links below to access the free resources. Please remember that these are shared documents and you need to save them before sharing them with your students. 
     Grade 6, Lesson 11: Values
     Grade 7, Lesson 11: Conflict
     Grade 8, Lesson 11: Goal Setting.

Our final lessons will cover Being Responsible (Grade 6), Self-Perception (Grade 7), and Kindness & Compassion (Grade 8). To see previous lessons, you can click here.

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