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SEL Resources, Volume 7: Twiggle and the Challenge Puppet Show

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on Apr 24, 2020 5:00:00 AM
Check out this week's resources for teaching SEL while remote learning! Please share your stories or ideas in the comments below!

PATHS® Program  

This week, show children the Twiggle and the Challenge puppet show. You can supplement the puppet show using the optional "Bored" lesson from the online Support Materials (Grades 1 and 2, Optional Lesson #7). Then provide them with copies of the Curious/Bored Resources and explore ideas for what they can do when they are bored. There are also Extension Activities, such as the Feelings Card Game, in the Optional Lessons. 
Previous Resources:
- To see the Feelings Journal resources from 3/13, click here.
- To see the Tamara Feels Worried resources from 3/20, click here.
- To see the Twiggle Learns to Do Turtle resources from 3/27, click here.
- To see the Feelings Thesaurus resources from 4/3, click here. 
- To see the Twiggle Makes Friends resources from 4/10, click here. 
- To see the Feelings Dictionary resources from 4/17, click here

Next week, we'll have more Twiggle story read-alouds. Also, if you're a current PATHS Program customer, don't forget to check out the online Support Materials for access to Extension Activities, Family Letters, and lesson resources. Our Facebook Educator Group and Pinterest Pages also have some great ideas!

Emozi™Program for Middle School Students

For students in grades 6-8, we are excited to offer one unit (12 lessons) of SEL content.To see previous lessons, you can click here. For this week's lessons, click on the links below:
     Grade 6, Lesson 4: Using Empathy to Stand Up to Bullying
     Grade 7, Lesson 4: Confidence
     Grade 8, Lesson 4: Problem Solving.

Next week, look for lessons on Pressure and Stress, Flexible Thinking, and Problem Solving!

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