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SEL Resources, Volume 9: Twiggle's Special Day

Posted by PATHS Program LLC on May 8, 2020 5:00:00 AM
Here are this week's resources for teaching SEL while remote learning.

PATHS® Program  

This week, talk to students about celebrating special days with the read aloud Twiggle's Special Day and discuss ways that a day or event can still be special  - even when in quarantine. There are also book lists and extension activities available in the online Support Materials for Lesson 22.
Previous Resources:
- To see previous resources, click here. 

➡️Next week, we'll have a biography of a innovative problem solver. Also, if you're a current PATHS Program customer, don't forget to check out the online Support Materials for access to Extension Activities, Family Letters, and lesson resources.

Emozi™ for Middle School Students

For students in grades 6-8, we are excited to offer one unit (12 lessons) of SEL content.To see previous lessons, you can click here. For this week's lessons, click on the links below:
     Grade 6, Lesson 6: Mindfulness
     Grade 7, Lesson 7: Morals
     Grade 8, Lesson 6: Community Support

Next week, you'll find lessons on It's OK to Fail (Grade 6), SMART Goals (Grade 7), and Belonging and Rejection (Grade 8).


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